A Charles Dickens Journal

The Childhood Years - 1812 to 1819

Mo Dt Dy

02 07 Fr Born at 387 Mile End Terrace, Landport, a suburb of Portsea to Elizabeth and John Dickens, a clerk in the navy pay-office at the dockyard. Has one older sister, Fanny.  
03 04 Christened "Charles John Huffam Dickens" at St. Mary's Kingston.  
06 24 Family moved to 18 Hawke Street.  

12 Family moved to 39 Wish Street, Southsea.  

03 28 Brother Alfred Allen D_ is born.  
09 Brother Alfred dies of "water on the brain".  
Late in the year, John D_ is transferred back to London. The family takes up residence at 10 Norfolk Street. Elizabeth's widowed eldest sister, Mary Allen, known to the children as Aunt Fanny, lives with them.  

04 A second sister, Laetitia Mary is born.  

01 John D_ is transferred to Sheerness, and the family rents a small house next to the Sheerness Theatre.  
04 John D_ is transferred to Chatham, and the family moves into rented 2 Ordnance Terrace. A series of servants are hired, one of which tells the children horror stories. His mother teaches him to read.  
Charles has been "a very small and a very sickly child" (John Forster's biography) but his condition begins to improve in the fresh air of Chatham. It is from this period of time that Dickens is able to recall memories well into his adult years. He becomes an avid reader.  

Sister Harriet is born in the fall.  


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