A Charles Dickens Journal

02 Su Dickens and Catherine travel to Liverpool and spend the night at the Adelphi Hotel in preparation for their journey to America.  
04 Tu The SS Britannia sets sail for Boston: CD and Catherine are accompanied by Catherine's maid, Anne Brown. CD later writes to his brother Frederick that it was 'a most miserable voyage': CD was seasick for five days and Catherine for six.  
20 Th CD reaches Halifax, receives an enthusiastic welcome, and sails on to Boston  
22 Sa They arrive in Boston and stay at the Tremont House until February 5th.  
23 Su CD receives the "Young Men of Boston" who invite him to attend a public dinner on Feb 1st.  
24 Mo Visits the State Capitol and attends a performance at the Tremont Theatre.  
25 Tu Begins sittings for portrait painter Francis Alexander.  
26 We Begins sittings for sculptor Henty Dexter; attends ball at Papanti's Hall.  
29 Sa Speaks at a presentation for Capt. Hewitt, the captain of the SS Britannica; visits the Perkins Institute for the blind,  
30 Su Hears a sermon at the Seaman's Bethel; takes a sightseeing walk of Boston with Charles Sumner and H. W. Longfellow.  
31 Mo Meets R. H. Dana; goes to National Theatre.  
01 Tu CD attends a banquest given in his honor at Papanti's Hall.  
05 Sa Leaves Boston for Worchester, MA, and stays with Governor John Davis.  
07 Mo Thirtieth birthday. Goes by train to Springfield MA, then on to Hartford CN by steamboat. In Hartford he visits the Insane Asylum, the Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, the State Prison, and the jail for untried offenders.  
08 Tu Guest of honor at a public dinner at City Hotel, Hartford.  
11 Fr At 8 p.m. arrives in New Haven CN and receives Yale students and professors at the hotel Tontine, and shakes hands with 'considerably more than five hundred people'.  
12 Sa By steamboat to New York, arriving at 2:30 p.m.; stays at Carlton House Hotel, Broadway until Mar 5th.  
14 Mo "Boz Ball" given in CD's honour.  
15 Tu Writes to L.G. Clark that he has been "..in bed all day with a violent sore throat".  
16 We Is still unwell and cancels appearance at 'repeat performance' of ball.  
17 Th Begins to write a letter to Forster.  
18 Fr Guest of honor at a dinner at City Hotel, with Washington Irving in the chair. Announces he will accept no more invitations to 'public entertainments'.  
22 Tu Meets William Cullen Bryant. Writes to Jonathan Chapman: 'I am sick to death of the life I have been leading here-worn out in mind and body-and quite weary and distressed'.  
24 Th Finishes his letter to Forster (from the 17th) expressing his views on copyright.  
27 Su Visits asylum, workhouse and City Penitentiary.  
01 Tu Catherine suffers from a sore throat and CD postpones their departure for Philadelphia.  
02 We Visits the New York House of Detention, otherwise known as The Tombs.  
05 Sa Leaves New York at 5 p.m. by train. Arrives Philadelphia at 11 p.m.During his three days there he spends one day visiting the Eastern Penitentiary.  
09 We Leaves Philadelphia at 6 a.m. by steamboat, transfers to train, crosses the Susquehanna by boat and proceeds by train to Baltimore and then arrives in Washington at 6:30 p.m. to stay at the Fuller Hotel.  
10 Th Visits President Tyler, the Senate and the House of Representatives.  
14 Mo Speaks at a private dinner given in his honor.  
15 Tu Writes to Forster that he goes to the House of Representatives every day. Attends a reception given by the President, having declined a dinner invitation.  
16 We Leaves Washington after dining with Irving, who weeps 'heartily' at their parting.  
17 Th Arrives in Richmond, Virginia and finds the sight of slavery 'odious'. During his stay CD meets actor Edwin Forrest.  
18 Fr Speaks at a social supper given in his honor.  
20 Su Arrives back in Washington  
21 Mo Leaves Washington at 4 p.m. for Baltimore. (Barnum's Hotel)  
22 Tu Writes letters to friends in England totalling at least 8000 words.  
24 Th Leaves Baltimore (8:30 a.m. by train) and travels to York Pennsylvania, then by stagecoach to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  
25 Fr Visits the State Capitol, leaves at 3 p.m. by canal boat for Pittsburgh.  
28 Mo Arrives in Pittsburgh in the evening and finds it "like Birmingham". During his stay, he visits the Western Penitentiary.  
04 Mo Arrives in Cincinnati in early morning and finds it "a very beautiful city".  
05 Tu Attends a party given by Judge Timothy Walker  
06 We Leaves Cincinnati and travels bt steamboat down the Mississippi arriving at Louisville, Ky. shortly after midnight.  
07 Th Leaves at 1 p.m. by steamboat Fulton for St Louis, via Cairo, which later serves as the model for 'Eden' in Martin Chuzzlewit.  
10 Su Arrives in St. Louis  
11 Mo Sightseeing in St. Louis.  
12 Tu Visits Looking-Glass Prairie and St Clair County; spends the night at Mermaid Hotel, Lebanon.  
13 We Returns to St. Louis about noon; Attends an 'very crowded' soíree and ball given in his honor.  
14 Th Leaves St. Louis at 4 p.m.  
15 Fr Writes a letter Forster telling him of the past 11 days.  
17 Su Spends the night in Louisville.  
18 Mo Departs at 11 a.m. by mailboat Benjamin Franklin.  
19 Tu Arrives back in Cincinnati at 1 a.m.  
20 We Leaves Cincinnati at 8 a.m. by mail coach for Columbus.  
21 Th Arrives in Columbus at 7 a.m.; holds a levee that evening.  
22 Fr Leaves at 7 a.m. by hired coach for Sandusky.  
23 Sa Arrives at the Steamboat Hotel in Sandusky at 6 p.m.  
24 Su Spends the night in Cleveland.  
26 Tu Travels by rail from Buffalo to Niagara Falls; greatly impressed by the Falls.  
01 Su Writes to Henry Austin that "we have a blessed Interval of quiet in this beautiful place (Niagara)".  
04 We Leaves Niagara Falls, crossing Lake Ontario by steamboat, and arrives in Toronto.  
06 Fr Leaves Toronto by boat at noon.  
07 Sa Arrives in Kingston at 8 a.m.  
10 Tu Leaves Kingston at 9:30 a.m. and travels by St Lawrence steamboat and stagecoach.  
11 We Arrives in Kingston at 8 a.m.  
25 We Appears in a private performance of three plays with the Garrison Amateurs at the Queen's Theatre, Montreal.  
28 Sa Public perormance with Garrison Amateurs at the Theatre Royal.  
30 Mo Leaves Montreal and travels through St. John's, Lake Champlain, Whitehall, Albany to New York.  
02 Th Arrives in New York at 5 a.m. Travels up the North River to Hudson.  
03 Fr Spends the night at Lebanon Springs.  
04 Sa Visits a Shaker village but the chapel is closed.  
07 Tu Sails in the George Washington under Captain Ambrose Burrows, Jr.  
29 We Arrives in Liverpool and proceed to London to reunite with their children.  
30 Th The family moves back into 1 Devonshire Terrace  
01 Fr Talfourd's Copyright Act receives royal assent.  
09 Sa Organized by Forster, some of CD's friends give him a dinner to welcome him home.  
11 Mo Writes to H. P. Smith of "...my American Sketches that may be just shaping themselves in my head".  
12 Tu CD entertains Forster, Landor, Maclise and Macready to dinner. Macready writes in his diary that 'Dickens had been mesmerizing his wife and Miss Hogarth".  
16 Sa Gives a dinner for Ainsworth and Marryat.  
23 Sa Goes to the Royal Academy summer Exhibition and admires Maclise's painting of Hamlet.  
25 Mo The Morning Chronicle carries a long letter from CD about the Mines and Collieries Bill.  
26 Tu Maclise dines at CD's home. CD writes to Napier that he has 'resolved to describe my American journies ... and am ... very closely involved".  
29 Fr Busy all day working on American Notes. Shows the first chapter to Macready.  
31 Su Seems to have finished the first four chapters of American notes.  
01 Mo The Dickens family leave London for two months in Broadstairs, a working holiday for CD as he continues work on AN.  
07 Su Writes to Forster that he has "has been reading Tennyson all the morning on the seashore".  
10 We Begins work on chapter 6 of AN  
31 We By this time he has finished chapter 7 of AN and begun chapter 8.  
01 Th Spends 'a day or two' in London, leaving his family at Broadstairs.  
14 We Has finished chapter 14 of AN.  
30 Fr Has finished chapter 16 of AN.  
01 Sa The Dickens family returns to London.  
04 Tu Finishes chapter 17 of AN at midnight.  
05 We Longfellow arrives as a guest. they dine with Forster and then go to see Macready in a a production at Drury Lane.  
06 Th CD and Longfellow go to Drury Lane to see Macready in As You Like It.  
CD takes Longfellow on trips to Cobham and Rochester, 'to the prisons', 'among tramps and thieves' and to Gore House to meet Lady Blessington and Count D'Orsay.  
18 Tu CD and Longfellow have breakfast with Rogers.  
19 We Publication of AN.  
20 Th Longfellow departs, CD and Forster accompany him to Bath to see him off on the 21st.  
22 Sa Writes to Dr. Southwood Smith, expressing a wish to see 'the very dreariest and most desolate portion' of the Cornish coast.  
24 Mo CD goes to Drury Lane to see Macready in King John.  
27 Th Leaves for Cornwall with Forster, Maclise and Stanfield.  
29 Sa Arrives in Exeter by train in the evening and stays at the New London Inn.  
Visits his father at Alphington, then off to Plymouth and Land's End.  
On his way back to Exeter he detours to Tintagel.  
03 Th In Exeter again.  
04 Fr Back in London again.  
11 Fr With Cruikshank, CD attends the funeral of William Hone.  
12 Sa Tells Miss Coutts that he is 'in the agonies of plotting and contriving a new book' (MC). Sends the tentative title to Forster. Offers to Macready to write a prologue for J.W. Marston's The Patrician's Daughter, and drafts the prologue during the next two weeks.  
15 Tu Commissions W. P. Frith to paint two small pictures: one of Dolly Varden and the other of Kate Nickleby.  
20 Su Hears the Rev. Edward Tagart preach at the Unitarian Chapel in Little Portland Street and subsequently takes sittings in the chapel for himself and family and often attends services there. D'Orsay, Fonblangue and Maclise dine with CD.  
25 Fr Writes to Forster that he has been 'thrown...into a perfect passion of sorrow' by reading Browning's play A Blot on the 'Scutcheon  
25 Sa MC is advertised in the Athenaeum.  
27 Su Dines at Fonblanque's home.  
01 Th Tells Mitton that he has received 'an immense (number) of letters from America (concerning AN) and that the effect is 'decidedly favourable'.  
02 Fr Dines at Gore House.  
06 Tu Dines at the home of Thomas Hood, Maclise is present.  
08 Th Writes to Forster that the first number of MC is 'nearly done'.  
17 Sa finishes the firsst chapter of MC.  
24 Sa Attends a rehearsal of Macready's pantomime Harlequin and William Tell at Drury Lane.  
28 We Dines at Gore House.  
29 Th Writes to Longfellow that sales of AN have been 'enormous'.  
31 Sa First number of MC appears; serialization will continue until June 30, 1844.  
During this month CD's parents move to Blackheath and move again to Lewisham.  


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