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"... our editors have selected your site as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability."

"Our editors ... have selected your site as one of the best for both content and quality."
Marianne Gutknecht, Customer Service Director, Limited

"...I must say that your web site about Charles Dickens is fantastic!! ... your magnificent site, will give students the opportunity to learn much more about Mr. Dickens's life and how he has profoundly affected literature. Again, thank you for creating a site that clearly educates us all about Charles Dickens. Patty Nale Educational Services Coordinator, WITF

"...I ... must say I was much impressed by the quality and energy of your enterprise. ... As for the pictures, they are wonderfully clear and precisely rendered, and the style of your graphics is superior." Patrick McCarthy, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Santa Barbara, Editor-Owner The Dickens Forum. Click here to learn more about the Dickens Forum.

... I have enjoyed reading about Dickens life on this site. It is the most interesting and informative biographical site I've found so far. Looking forward to the following years with much impatience.
Pearletta Wilson, English for ICT Support, Supported Learning Centre (Stratford)

"I am a history major in college, specializing in literary history, and I want to let you know how impressed I am with your website. My current project is an Honors biography on the life and times of Charles Dickens. My research has been repeatedly retarded by the lack of credible internet sources available - everything I could find regarding Charles Dickens either wanted me to pay them to write my essay for me or simply gushed about Dickens' writing skills. I know what an amazing author he was; I want to know what kind of man he was: what his life was like, who his lovers were, what excited him, what angered him, and what gave passion to his life.
Your site gave me a good deal of insight into these topics ... and is now on my favorites list. It is so refreshing to find that there are still true literary fans and scholars out there. Thank you for your care and detail of Mr. Dickens' life.
Marie Stapp"

"I wanted to say Wow! its amazing all of the data you have collected and compiled, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the years that have been completed. ... your site appears to be the most informative I have found ...
Emma Farrell"

"Thanks for your precious info. I've just added a link to your new page on my Dickens Page" Mitsuharu Matsuoka

"Thanks for providing this extensive and very useful information about Dickens." Peter Williams

"Your Journal is an amazing project...good luck with it...a great project and ideally suited to internet rather than print publication." Paul Lewis

Visit Paul's WILKIE COLLINS Website

"I have enjoyed this Journal of Dickens' life very much ... I look forward to future additions!" David Perdue The Charles Dickens Page

"I love the way that you have created the Dickens 'timeline'. It is a novel and very effective way of displaying the information." Colin Axon

"you have taken a very pioneering role ... and the site is highly useful and unique." Nancy Weston, Ph.D. - Department of Art, St Cloud State University, MN

"... your site on Charles Dickens...a very interesting and informative site." Kasha Linka. Visit Kasha's Anecdote about Dickens.

"i am doing a report on charles dickens in my reading class and this web site really helped me! Thanks" Felicia

"hey i have never been to this site before ... I'm 13 years old ...till know i did'nt anything about Charles dickens but from your site i know a whole lot more. I'll try to keep coming ot this site." - Anonymous

"I am a high school student and i am doing a report on Charles Dickens. Your website was a great help and it had some wonderful resources. Thank you," -Emma-

"I am a grade 11 student ... and I just wanted to comment that I found your site very useful for my research on Charles Dickens. I felt that I was able to get all of the information that I needed and more. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work!" Sincerely, RoseMary B__


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