Charles Dickens: A Brief Summary of His Life - Part 1
A Summary of the Life of Charles Dickens

Year Mo Dt Dy
1812 02 07 Fr Born at Landport, a suburb of Portsmouth to Elizabeth and John Dickens, a clerk in the navy pay-office at the dockyard.  
1814 Family moved to London when John D. was transferred.  
1816 Family moved to Chatham when John D. was transferred.  
1822 09 CD leaves schooling and joins his family in a house in Camden Town, London.
John has lost his employment and most of his fortune
1824 02 20 Father arrested for debt and sent to Marshalsea prison, where family joins him, except for Charles, who has been put to work at Warren's Blacking Factory at Hungerford Market.  
05 28 Father's release from prison. The family returns to Camden Town.  
06 CD is enrolled in Wellington House Academy, (Hampstead Road, London)  
1827 05 Removed from school and sent to an attorney as an office boy.  
1829 sp Becomes a free-lance reporter at Doctor's Commons Courts.  
1830 05 Meets Maria Beadnell and falls madly in love.  
1831 Reporter for The Mirror of Parliament..  
1832 03 Requested a theatrical audition, and was accepted.  
04 Was taken ill and could not keep his theatrical audition.  
1833 05 His love affair with Maria Beadnell ends.  
12 His first published story, "Dinner at Poplar Walk," appears in Monthly Magazine.  
1834 08 First publishes under the name "Boz."  
11 Father arrested again, for debt. CD makes arrangements for the debts.  
1835 05 Becomes engaged to 19 year old Catherine Thomson Hogarth  
1836 02 07 Sketches by Boz first appears, on CD's 24th birthday.  
02 18 First begins work on Pickwick Papers.  
04 02 Weds Catherine Thomson Hogarth  
03 31 First monthly appearance of Pickwick Papers.  
11 Becomes editor of Bentley's Miscellany.  
12 Meets John Forster, who becomes a lifelong confidant and his first biographer.  
1837 01 06 Birth of first child, Charles Culliford Boz D_.  
01 Oliver Twist, begins in monthly parts in Bentley's Miscellany.  
03 25 Signs 3 year lease on house at 48 Doughty Street, later to become the Dickens' House Museum  
05 03 CD gave his first public speech at the anniversary festival of the Literary Fund.  
05 07 Su Mary Hogarth dies. CD has such great affection for her that he removes a ring from her finger and places it on his own, where it remains until his own death.  
11 18 Pickwick Papers ends.  
1838 03 06 Second child, Mary is born.  
04 Nicholas Nickleby begins  
1839 02 Resigns as editor of Bentley's Miscellany.  
04 Oliver Twist ends  
10 Daughter Kate is born  
10 Nicholas Nickleby ends.  
1840 06 Master Humphrey's Clock begins.  
The Old Curiosity Shop. begins  
1841 02 The Old Curiosity Shop ends.  
02 Barnaby Rudge, begins.  
10 08 Had surgery to remove a fistula.  
11 Barnaby Rudge ends.  
1842 01 04 Tu Travels with Catherine to US and Canada.  
06 29 Returns to London.  
10 American Notes begins.  
11 Began to write A Child's History of England".  
1843 01 Martin Chuzzlewit begins.  
12 19 A Christmas Carol is published.  
1844 01 15 Fifth child, Francis Jeffrey, is born.  
07 01 Martin Chuzzlewit ends.  
07 02 Takes his family on an an extended tour of Italy.  
12 30 Sa Returns to London when The Chimes is published. Then returns to Genoa.  
1845 06 Returns to London.  
09 20 Begins his amateur theatrical company with the production of "Every Man in His Humour".  
10 28 Sixth child, Alfred D'Orsay Tennyson, is born.  
12 01 The Cricket and the Hearth published.  
12 Last installment of A Child's History of England.  
1846 01 Becomes editor of Daily News.  
01 Pictures from Italy  
02 09 Resigns as editor of Daily News  
07 Completed work on the first installment of Dombey and Son.  
10 Wrote The Battle of Life which was published the week before Christmas.  
1847 04 08 7th child, Sydney Smith Haldimand D_, is born.  
1848 04 Dombey and Son finished and published in book form.  
Directs and acts in amateur theatricals.  
Begins writing The Haunted Man.  
09 His sister Fanny dies.  
12 His final Christmas book, The Haunted Man, is published  
1849 01 Eighth child, Henry Fielding D_, is born.  
05 01 First installment of David Copperfield.  
1850 08 9th child, Dora Annie is born.  
11 Last installment of David Copperfield.  
03 Begins Household Words and takes position as its editor.  
1851 01 Acting in farces.  
03 31 Death of his father, John.  
04 14 Death of Dora Annie  
11 Moved to Tavistock House from Devonshire Terrrace.  
1852 03 First appearance of Bleak House.  
03 13 10th child, Edward Bulwer Lytton D_ is born.  
1853 Autumn-Tours Italy with Augustus Egg and Wilkie Collins.  
08 25 Read the last number of Bleak House to family and friends.  
12 27 Gives his first public reading as a benefit.  
1854 04 01 Hard Times begins.  
08 12 Hard Times ends.  
10 Vacations with Catherine and Georgina in Boulogne.  
1855 10 Travels to Paris with family.  
12 First installment of Little Dorrit  
1856 Works with Wilkie Collins on his play, The Frozen Deep.  
03 14 Purchases Gad's Hill Place.  
1857 05 Little Dorrit ends.  
07 Visit from Hans Christian Anderson  
The Frozen Deep is performed for the Queen by his theatre company.  
08 Falls in love with a young actress named Ellen Ternan  
1858 04 29 Performs his first public readings for pay, in London.  
05 Separates from his wife Catherine.  
1859 Stage readings continue in London.  
04 30 Begins as editor of All the Year Round  
12 A Tale of Two Cities ends.  
1860 12 Great Expectations begins.  
1861 More public readings in London.  
08 03 Great Expectations ends.  
1862 Public readings from spring until June.  
1863 01 More public readings in Paris and London.  
09 Mother, Elizabeth, dies.  
1864 05 First installment of Our Mutual Friend.  
1865 02 His health begins to fail.  
06 09 He and Ellen Ternan are involved in a railway accident at Staplehurst.  
11 Our Mutual Friend ends.  
1866 04 Tours Endland and Scotland with more public readings.  
1867 11 Tours England and Ireland with more public readings, against his doctor's wishes.  
11 Arrives in Boston for his American reading tour.  
1868 04 22 Leaves America for England.  
Takes additional duties at All the Year Round.  
1869 Tours England, Scotland and Ireland with more readings.  
09 Begins The Mystery of Edwin Drood.  
1870 03 15 Tu Finishes final series of readings in London. His career comprises a total of 444 readings.  
06 08 We Spends a full day writing Edwin Drood and then suffers a stroke at dinner.  
06 09 Th Dies at 6:10 PM.  
06 14 Tu Funeral service in Westminster Abbey.  
06 17 Fr His coffin is sealed after 3 days procession of mourners.  
09 Last installment of The Mystery of Edwin Drood.  

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