Installed journal for 1842, even though it is incomplete. Additions should be expected in the next month.
After a three year hiatus, I have in the interim retired my one man show. The Journal is being actively pursued again and the entire site is now dedicated to it. It has been "remodelled" to make it easier to navigate. From "anywhere" to "anywhere else" can now be done in a minimum number of clicks.

Discontinued subscriber service.

Reinstalled journal for 1841... IN ONE PART! (No other changes to content.)

Installed journal for 1841... IN TWO PARTS!! It is the most detailed year to date.
The Works of Charles Dickens has been updated.

Installed journal for 1840. It is the most detailed year to date.
The Works of Charles Dickens has been updated.

Installed Daniel Maclise Biography, our first volunteered biography, submitted by Nancy Weston, Ph.D, Department of Art, St Cloud State University, MN
(Click Maclise's name in the biography index.)

Installed journal for 1839.
All other installations (Overview, 1820-29, 1830-34, 1838) for cosmetic changes only. No change to content.

Added subscriber's list service (above)

Installed journal for 1838 with picture of Devonshire Terrace.
Reinstalled 1837 for cosmetic change only - no change to content.

Installed journal for 1837.
Installed OTHER PEOPLE as an entry to a new feature, "Instant Biography".

Volunteers are invited to write biographies. If interested send an email.
Installed an index on Dickens RESIDENCES.
Revised Overview page with text links for faster access.
Revised Index page (removing thumbnails) for faster loading.

Installed journal for years 1835 and 1836, including many pictures.
Upgraded the Index page to now include an index of the pictures, which includes many thumbnail pics.
Upgraded the journal pages that were already installed to link them together directly so as not to require returning to the Index to get to the next page.

Installed journal for the years 1830 to 1834, including four pictures.
Installed "Additional Notes" (#3204, #3312). Re-installed other journal pages (for cosmetic changes only, no change to content.)

Installed a reformatted journal for 1812-1819, (to overcome technical problem). Installed journal for the years 1820 to 1829, including six pictures.
Installed first of "Additional Notes" (#2406). (Some incidents just beg for more info.)

Installed journal for the years 1812 to 1819, including four pictures.
Added links in Summary 1 to the newest pictures.

98.12.29 Initial installation.
(One has to start somewhere. Not all pages are complete and when they are updated, notations to that effect can be found here.)
Journal.html - the startup or welcome page giving background info on the journal.
Index.htm - provides easy accessibility to the journal. A new link will be added to the yearly index each time a new yearly journal is added.
Sum1.htm - A listing of the major events from 1812 to 1849.
Sum2.htm - A listing of the major events from 1850 to 1870.
Works.htm - A chronology of his works.
Bibref.htm - A listing of the books used as source material.
1870.htm - Installed yearly journal, but it's far from complete.
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